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Article: KEBOZ Store About the distribution of admission tickets

KEBOZ Store About the distribution of admission tickets

▼ KEBOZ Store About the distribution of admission tickets
For admission, we will distribute a numbered ticket at Matoka.
The following is the details.

On 1/1 (Sun) and 1/2 (Monday), the LINE Mini app order management service "Matoka" will be distributed with the release of Nice Bag 2023.
* Since the business date and time of each store is different, please check the following contents.

[About the date and time of the year -on -year order ticket]

◆ 1/1 (Sun)
Ticket time: 9: 00-
・ Takasaki
Ticket time: 10: 00 ~
・ Kura -mae
・ Kitahorie
・ Rokbonmatsu

◆ 1/2 (Monday)
Ticket time: 8:00 ~

Ticket time: 9: 00-

・ The number of numbered tickets has an upper limit, so it will end as soon as it is gone.
・ You can get a numbered ticket within a radius of 3 km from the store. The radius of the store is displayed from the entry screen, so please refer to that.
・ When obtaining a numbered ticket, it is possible to obtain a numbered ticket within 3 km radius from the store, but it is hard to stop in front of a nearby store and refrain from acquiring it.
・ LINE account is required to use "Matoka", and if the location information service of the LINE application is not turned on, you can not grasp the location information and you can not get a numbered ticket, so be sure to check the settings in advance.
・ Please log in from the above, read the QR code with a mobile terminal LINE camera at a local store, save the QR code with a screenshot, display images from the LINE camera, and please log in.
・ Please note that if you cancel after obtaining a numbered ticket, the numbered ticket number obtained at that time will be invalid and you will have to remove a new numbered ticket.
・ We may check the operation of the mobile phone according to the situation to prevent fraud.
・ For those who have acquired the numbered ticket by the app, we will guide you on LINE at the timing of arrangement, so those who receive the call notification are always 10 minutes before the meeting time before the meeting time. Please collect. (The standard is around 15 pairs for 1 hour)
・ It will be a form in front of the store in the order of numbers. In front of the store, we will guide you in order of numbered tickets, so I hope that you can wait for the staff's instructions.
・ Please refrain from waiting near the nearby store until there is a call by LINE notification.
・ We will inform you in the order of numbered tickets, but if you are calling a numbered ticket, you may not be able to enter the store if you did not come to the meeting time, so be sure to enter the store. Please get together.
・ Please note that if you have issued a numbered ticket and do not come to the store, we may refrain from participating in the event lottery in the future.
・ When lining up, please display the call notification screen and wait. The staff will check the numbered ticket screen when entering the store.
・ Each numbered ticket will enter the store up to three people.
・ If you do not have a numbered ticket, we will guide you on the official KEBOZ store official Instagram if you can enter free depending on the situation.
・ The numbered ticket will be a numbered ticket for entering the store. Please note that if you have a numbered ticket and you can not purchase the desired product, it may be sold out.
・ Please follow the staff guidance regarding the line and sales. We may refuse sales to customers who cannot follow the guidance of the staff.
・ We cannot respond to the presence of stock.
・ If you have any problems such as delivery of money, catching, etc. regardless of inside or outside the store, we may refuse to sell.
・ Please refrain from lining up from midnight or early in the morning. In addition, if there is any trouble with the nearby store, if there is a trouble, the sale may be canceled in a hurry.
・ At the time of the event, we will thoroughly implement the following contents as a measure to prevent corona virus infection, but we would appreciate your cooperation.
・ Request to wear a mask when participating in the event.
・ Implementation of temperature inspection to participants using non -contact type thermometer.
・ Request for alcohol disinfection installed at the entrance of the event venue.
・ Entrance restrictions will be limited to maintain social distance in the store.

If you have any questions, please contact us below.